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Few things are more rewarding than gathering around the table with family and friends for a home cooked dinner. What if you could make serving a delicious, healthy meal easier while putting some of the money you spend to work for your local community? You can, with our Dream Dollars program.

The Dream Dollars program originated from our desire to give back to your community through our products. It is a fun and easy way for local non-profits to earn much needed funds for their own programs and services.

Dream Dollars is based on Dream Dinners meal-assembly sessions attended over the course of a four week period, through scheduled private parties or our scrip program. We provide everything you need for a successful fund raising experience, including promotional materials, guidelines and helpful tips.

1. 4-week program
Your fundraising coordinator will schedule a time period for your promotion (typically four weeks) at your local Dream Dinners store. Then your members attend a Dream Dinners session, mentioning the name of your organization upon arrival. Your organization receives credit for each member attending a session during your fundraiser.

2. Private parties
Your fundraising coordinator books one or more private party sessions for your group. Your organization receives credit for each member attending the private party session(s).

3. Scrip program
Our national scrip program is another convenient way to help raise funds for your school or organization.

How Dream Dollars work

  1. Contact your local Dream Dinners store to schedule a date or time frame for your fundraiser.
  2. We will provide you with a coordinator kit and all the information you need to share with your group.
  3. Your members can register for Dream Dinners sessions via our web site or over the phone.
  4. Dream Dinners will verify the registration of each participating member and write a check* within 30 days after your fundraiser.

Call your local Dream Dinners to book your fundraising event today!

*Dream Dinners will donate either $10 or $20 for each paid meal-assembly session, depending on size of order. $10 will be donated for individual orders totaling 36 to 71 servings; $20 will be donated for individual orders of 72 servings or more. Dream Dinners donates 8% of the purchase price to your organization through the Scrip program.

Note: Our Dream Dollars programs are not available with any discounts, other promotions or offers. Thank you for making it possible to give to your local organization.

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