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A Few Facebook Comments

Melanie Miller: "Being a mom of three who works full time, Dream Dinners is a life saver! Some nights, I don't get home until 7 or 8pm and with Dream Dinners, my 12 year old is able to get dinner together for the family. And putting together meals during the sessions is a great way to spend time with my daughter!"

Vickie Jenkins: "4 years with Dream Dinners ... don't know how I would cope with life's changes if Dream Dinners wasn't there to provide great meals ... my husband & I both work and are caregivers"

Larry Stein: "Dream Dinners has been a live saver! Both my wife and I work and have very hectic schedules. When dinner time rolls around we often didn't have a clue what to fix. Worse, we fought over whose turn it was to figure it out. Whoever got stuck with the chore generally just threw something together. Often, it was the same type of dull meal. With Dream Dinners, a delicious meal is already in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked. We are not talking frozen-dinner type fare either, but fresh beef, chicken and seafood prepared in a variety of ways. The average dinner takes about 30 minutes from the fridge to the table. Since all the spices and sauces have already been measured and prepared that 30 minutes is mostly waiting for the food to cook. More importantly, Dream Dinners has brought my wife and I closer. We don't argue about what's for dinner. We enjoy cooking the meals and taking credit. Better still, my wife and I enjoy assembling the meals at Dream Dinners, together. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The assembly is well organized and quick. Overall, a good night out!"

Aerin Bender-Stone: "Checking in as a newcomer to Dream Dinners - second visit today. I always said, "I can cook this well." And, frankly, I could, if I wanted to spend 2-3 hours every night prepping! With a new job, I can't do that. In addition, the staff is very helpful but low-key and low-pressure. It's a nice hour for me to be away from my house and my kids and my job and still do something productive for my family. Both my picky autistic child and my eat-everything typical child (and her father) love the healthy, fresh food. I'm definitely a convert and will be back again and again and again and again."

Evelyn Mealey: "I love Dream Dinners I actually look forward to dinner now."

Irene McAloon: "I rent a condo on the beach for a month and take my dream dinners with me. Everyone loves them. We ate out a little but my meals were better."

Stacey Shifflett: "We love Dream Dinners! We have a 6 month old at home and to not worry when you come home from work about what is for dinner is VERY NICE! Good meals, healthy meals and great staff! Everyone with children should try this out...You wont be sorry!"

Dana Martin: "Everday my husband asks "What are we going to do for dinner tonight", it makes me cringe. Thankful for DD. No more cringing!!!!"

Niki Rowe: "I gave 6 of my good girl friends (who are all moms) 2-3 Dream Dinners for Christmas! They loved the time saver, food saver and money saver!"

Valerie Ice: "When anyone has a baby in our development, several neighbors contribute to a DDs order, then one person assembles and delivers the dinners along with a card signed by all who participated. We do the same on the occasions when a family is is having to deal with health issues."

Trisha Jackson: "I just started in June, these meals are prepared by you with all fresh ingredients like you would do at home, only you dont have the hassle of always getting the ingredients needed or make the mess in your kitchen. I can honestly say I made it myself & makes for more meals at the table vs in front of the tv for this working mom :-)"

Blog Comments

Danielle M: "I am a teacher and for Teacher Appreciation Week, one of my students gave me Dream Dinners as a gift. It has been the BEST gift I have ever received! We are busy with sports every night of the week, and never have time to cook a quality meal. Dream Dinners allowed my family to enjoy a home-cooked meal on nights we normally would have gone out to eat. They are SO fast and easy to prepare! My husband and son LOVED them and couldn't stop talking about how amazing they were. I have to agree! We got 6 3-serving dinners from my student, and we still have 2 left to try. All four of the meals we have had have been delicious! We even had left-overs for my husband to take to work the next day from a couple of the meals! I would recommend Dream Dinners to anyone who would like a home-cooked meal experience without all the preparation time! Thank you, Dream Dinners!"

Lea M: "I've been a faithful DD customer for nearly four years. As a working wife, DD gives me an easy way to put a fabulous meal on the table every night I choose, without the stress of trying to decide what to fix tonight; what do I have the ingredients for; did I remember to thaw something out (many meals go from freezer to oven); how long will it take to get a meal prepared and then clean up afterwards; the list goes on. We eat better, more interesting and flavorful meals with less prep and clean-up time and save money doing it! Less time spent grocery shopping, even if I count the time spent each month at a fun prep session. Food doesn't go to waste spoiling in the refrigerator because I didn't use it quickly enough. Servings for three work great for the two of us, either providing my husband with a larger portion, or enough left over for lunch at work the following day. Overall, we eat better, easy, delicious and more interesting meals for less time spent planning, pr eparing, cleaning up and we save money doing it!"

"In addition, with the nutrition information provided for every meal, I have been able to use DD meals, along with the Weight Watchers program to lose weight, all while eating delicious food and still providing tasty meals for my husband, who doesn't need to watch his weight. Heart healthy, low fat, and not boring! Who can ask for more from a meal plan?"

"One more thing, my husband doesn't cook at all. Lately, I've had to travel for work and have been able to put a couple of specifically chosen meals in the refrigerator before and even he can follow the simple directions to put it in the oven at the right temp, set a timer, and have a wonderful home cooked meal when I'm 2,200 miles away! No more beef jerky and chips (or anything he can eat straight out of the bag--he doesn't even microwave himself a meal) for dinner when I'm not home to cook something healthy and delicious. I don't have to feel guilty, or worried about a balanced diet for him when I need to be away from home for several days. And he must enjoy it, because there are never any leftovers in the fridge when I get home!"

"The Dream Dinners lifestyle has been a true blessing in our lives! I can't say enough good things about it! I know that I sound like a commercial for Dream Dinners, but this is truly how I feel. Thank you to Dream Dinners and the wonderful team at 7th Street & Union Hills in Phoenix!"

A Few Twitter Comments

Jen M: "Kid Approved! @dreamdinners"

Mommy Diaries: "Thank goodness for @DreamDinners! Makes life so much easier!!"

MerrittPR: "Just finished up our first @DreamDinners session and impressed w/how easy and fast it was. Looking forward to dinner on Monday."

erincolbert: "@dreamdinners is my savior! i don't know how i ever lived without u & everyone should try it!!!"

Zoglarfy: "Pretending I'm Wolfgang Puck while making a fancy feast at Dream Dinners."

annadances: "thanks, Kristine, for introducing me to Dream Dinners what a great time and money saver for the family!"

dmcox: "What we do is get in a rut. I started doing Dream Dinners & it is really nice! Plus it is stuff I wouldn't have made, but loved!"

Lydibug: "@DreamDinners I love you."

polkadotskies: "I prepared meals at Dream Dinners and it's so easy to cook a yummy good meal now! Feeling a little bit spoiled..."

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