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Spending less time in the kitchen means more time together doing what you love

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The prep and cleanup are taken care of, so you can customize a month of meals for your family.

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Thaw 3-5 of your meals each week, cook as directed, and enjoy dinner together.

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Spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love.

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Learn how to cook the Dream Dinners way

Our Introductory Offer is the perfect way to sample Dream Dinners with six medium or three large dinners for your family to try for just $84.95.

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The Impact of Family Dinnertime

Since our first store opened in 2002, we have helped American families serve over 100 million meals. By promoting family dinners, Dream Dinners is helping families connect and grow strong relationships around the dinner table.


Our customers love us and we love them

"We love our family time and dinner time together is a must. We have been using Dream Dinners for over a year and a half. Recently when my husband had to go out of town for work he began taking Dream Dinners with him. Now he can still have home cooked meals and eat what he loves while having the convenience of easy cooking. He's been so happy that he can keep eating great healthy meals with plenty of variety while he is working out of state. My son and I go to Dream Dinners together to make the meals and we love that part as well. Dream Dinners is a blessing to me because I am not too inventive in the kitchen- they do it for me. Thanks Dream Dinners!"

"My boyfriend and I moved in together about a year ago and we both quickly learned that I didn't know how to cook! Other than tacos, frozen pizza and spaghetti he held down most of the cooking. Of course he came from a family of never having to cook. His mom made everything and anything homemade and even her worst meal was delicious! A friend invited me to a Dream Taste and the rest is history. I went to the taste, prepped three meals, but even better, I was able to bring them home and cook them myself. We've been hooked on Dream Dinners ever since."


"As a working mom, I found it hard to be creative, let alone find time to grocery shop and cook healthy dinners. I had used Dream Dinners a few years ago and after the birth of my first child and over a year of struggling with finding the time to meal plan, shop and cook, I returned to Dream Dinners. They are a life saver. I love that it only takes me an hour and a half to put together meals for an entire month. Although I still cook once or twice a week, this is far less daunting then when I had 7 days a week to prepare food for. Dream dinners is easy, affordable and delicious. It's taken the stress out of dinner time and allows our family to eat healthier tastier meals."