Extreme Home Makeover

Dream Dinners is deeply committed to making a difference in local communities by supporting programs for children and families. Our goal is to work with hometown organizations to help parents, educators, coaches, program leaders and other community members to provide high-quality educational and extracurricular programs for children, as well as services for families.

Active involvement in our community and yours, benefits everyone. We're grateful for the many opportunities you give us to serve you.

Our helping hands

Here are some examples of how Dream Dinners stores all around the country have contributed to their communities.

In Poulsbo, Washington and Arvada, Colorado, local Dream Dinners stores helped Extreme Home Makeover with neighborhood projects.

In Wheatridge, Colorado, our Dream Dinners store donated a car to a customer who did not have transportation.

Our Dream Dinners store in Katy, Texas, provided lunches and dinners to many displaced survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

During the grand opening in Charlotte, North Carolina, our store there donated over $6,000 from the first week's profits to Children's Hospital in Charlotte.