Dream Taste Event

PLATEPOINTS Chefs have the exclusive opportunity to host a Dream Taste session for their family and friends. Help them solve their dinnertime dilemma by showing exactly how Homemade, Made Easy can work for their families.

How it works

  • Hostess
    Select a date and work with our team to invite your friends, family and neighbors.
  • Guests
    Sign up online and assemble three wholesome meals to take home and enjoy.
  • Together
    You'll bring your families back around the dinner table.

Hostess perks

  • 3 FREE Dinners
  • 500 PLATEPOINTS BONUS for hosting your Dream Taste.
  • 10 Dinner Dollars BONUS for each new guest who completes a standard order.
  • 250 PLATEPOINTS BONUS for each new guest who completes an Meal Prep Starter Pack.

Contact your store today and schedule a Dream Taste event.