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Stephanie Allen, Co-Founder & President

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen is a recognized pioneer in the meal assembly industry. Combining an in-depth knowledge of the needs of busy families with personal and practical innovation, Stephanie leads the company's growth and strategic direction. In addition, she oversees menu and product development, franchise recruitment and general operations.

Stephanie brings an extensive background in the food industry including 18 years of recipe development and catering, as well as a broad range of business management expertise. Prior to launching Dream Dinners in 2002, Stephanie owned and operated a successful Seattle-area catering business for more than 12 years.

Stephanie first began making fix-and-freeze meals for her own family in 1986. By preparing and freezing dinners using fresh raw ingredients, she improved on traditional pre-cooked methods resulting in meals that simply tasted better. She honed the process for efficiency and began developing a collection of specialized "dream dinners" recipes. As a mother of two and through her long-time involvement with the international service organization MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), Stephanie gained insight into the trials of busy family life which helped inspire her to create Dream Dinners as a solution to the dinnertime dilemma.

Having shared her 'secret recipe' with some friends, Stephanie soon became deluged with requests to expand her time-saving meal assembly solutions with others. When the demand became overwhelming, she enlisted the help of long-time friend and experienced business manager Tina Kuna. The partners hosted the first series of large-scale meal assembly sessions in 2002, which became the catalyst for opening the first Dream Dinners store.

Stephanie has a passion for helping families nationwide with more than eating healthy home cooked dinners and promoting family relationships. She participates in the CDC campaign, "Weight of the Nation" and attended the inaugural CDC Obesity Prevention and Control Conference. Since 2006, she has been an invited participant in Big Task. This group of 150 top global visionary leaders gather to address problematic societal issues. A popular speaker and educator, she spreads her vision to make people's lives easier and restore the tradition of family to reach an ever-expanding audience as the company continues to grow.

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