Virtual Meal Prep Party

Discover how easy family dinners can be!

We'll have a fun, interactive party, we'll give away prizes, and if you want to try us out, we'll help you get started.

Family life can be hectic, especially with kids in school and parents juggling new work schedules with new routines. Dream Dinners is here to support your family and make mealtime easier.

Join us for a free Virtual Meal Prep Party to discover how easy family dinners can be. We’ll have a fun, interactive party, we’ll give away prizes, and if you want to try us out, we’ll help you get started.

To participate, choose the type of party that you want to attend, then click the link to sign up.

Join a Zoom Party

Zoom is a video and screensharing platform. You’ll interact in real time face to face.

Click to Join: Thursday, Jan. 14th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Join a Sqweee Party

Sqweee is an online party platform that uses a live chat for communication (you’ll interact in real time, but no one will see you).

RSVP: Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Join a Facebook Party

Are you unable to join our live Zoom or Sqweee parties? Drop in any time during our 4-day Facebook party to learn about Dream Dinners!

Monday, Jan. 18th - Thursday, Jan. 21st

Please note: These events are geared toward people who are new to Dream Dinners. If you are a current guest and would like to host your own Virtual Meal Prep Party, please reach out to your local store directly to set that up.

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Encinitas, CA
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Missouri City, TX
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Tucson, AZ