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How frequently do you ask the question -"What's for dinner?"
Welcome to Dream Dinners where we provide all the ingredients for you to create meals for your family and take the guesswork out of it! You select different meals every month and then customize them to your family's tastes. What is better than providing homemade dinners to your family quickly and without much labor or thought? Simply pre-assemble your dinners for the month in our store, and then cook at home using our simple instructions. No more stressing about creating a wholesome meal for your family and worrying about the variety, time and thought that needs to go into it. No more relying on pre-made meals from the grocery store that may be high in undesirable ingredients. Try Dream Dinners - great recipes where we allow you to deliver a homemade meal easily. We are the dinner-time solution you will learn you cannot live without!

Let's get started!

  • Find a location - Find a Dream Dinners location that works best for you.
  • Select a session - Choose your date and time from the posted session dates.
  • Select your menu items - Every family is different; some are larger than others, appetites vary and schedules change. Choose the number and size of dinners that work best for you. Our dinners come in 3 or 6 serving quantities. If you have a smaller family - a 3 serving size may work well for you, if you have a family of 4 or 5, the 6 serving size may be a better solution.
  • Sign up or sign in - If you're new to Dream Dinners, register as a guest. This will allow you to create your own account and password. If you're an existing guest, just sign in with your existing password.
  • Reserve your session - Complete the checkout process. You will receive an email order confirmation and a session reminder 3 days before your session date. You can also email or call your local store to get signed up.
  • NEW Round up your order - Support our non-profit, the Living the Dream Foundation. Donated funds are used for furture meal packaging events held across the United States and to help feed families both locally and abroad.

Our Offerings

  • 36 servings (6 to 12 meals depending upon family size) this is our standard purchase amount and is our minimum. This amount will ensure you reap the rewards of getting your family around the table and adopt this great new lifestyle and dinner-time solution.
  • Fast Lane - Need some quick solutions to your dinner plans for the month? Our Fast Lane menu provides meals that are already assembled and ready-to-go! Selections may vary by store.
  • Introductory Offer - This is our one time "Try Me" Offer. This offer consists of only 18 servings (3 to 6 meals depending upon family size) that gives families the opportunity to try us at a smaller quantity. This is only available one time for new guests. Availability and amount may vary by location
  • Made For You - Don't have time this month to assemble your meals? Our "Made For You" service allows you to order your dinners ahead of time and have the store assemble them for you. There is a nominal fee for this service along with not having the luxury of being able to customize your dinners, but it's better than missing a month's worth of family dinners around the table! Call your local store for details.
Introductory Offer
Find a location
Find a Location

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