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Mary and Ray Provost
"Until I retired from teaching, my father who was 87 at the time tried to have dinner started before I got home... I love that there is no buying ingredients that will probably be thrown out because I can't use them up. The best part is no clean up. We even have our own personal aprons... " Read more >
-- Mary Provost
"If you want really healthy nutritious meals that are already ready to go quick and easy, they are far less expensive than anything else you could do. The recipes are easy to follow. Everything is already laid out for you and chopped and ready to go so it's really, really fast."
-- Sharon Snell
"One of the things I like best about Dream Dinners is that they clean up the mess for you. I don't have to do the chopping, I just need to measure each of the different ingredients, put it in the container and they come back behind me and clean up any spills that I make. Which is great!"
-- Gail Aoki
"Just going through the whole experience, it's a lot of fun. The food is excellent, we all love it. We already have some favorites and so even though I am not making it at home, I still feel like I'm making the dinner."
-- Jennifer Weed
"I come here with my husband, so that's date night. We come over, prepare our meals then go and have dinner. And because he was involved in the preparation of the meal he is more likely to want to help me during the week."
-- Ana Christoferson
"It [Dream Dinners vs. the Grocery store challenge] was absolutely an eye opening experience. I mean spending close to $400 dollars for 12 meals, makes me think about the amount of money I spend and then also, how much we end up throwing away and the amount of food we are wasting"
-- Colleen
"I work full-time, I have 3 kids, and we all have really busy schedules. I just got really tired of having to plan our meals on top of it, and put them together and see if I could get it done before the next soccer game and so it was just a lot easier for me to be able to have something in the freezer and make it quickly."
-- Ann Herbig
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