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Tell us: How has Dream Dinners changed your life?

Remember back when you first decided to try Dream Dinners?
There may have been a handful of reasons why you waited or hesitated to try us at first. Once you tried us, perhaps you "kicked" yourself for not doing it sooner. We've all had moments in our life like that.

Now that you are a VIP, a Dream Dinners Pro so to speak, we would like to put your face, voice and passion for our product in front of those who may be hesitating, wondering or waiting. Encourage others. Make a difference.

Video Recording Tips

  • The video formats that work great for uploading are MP4, MOV and WMV.
  • Record your video from your Camera app or web cam to ensure audio is recording, then upload the video via the form below.
  • Make sure you are in a well lit environment.
  • Speak loud and clear.
  • If possible, don't move around while filming.
  • Record your video Horizontally.

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