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Earn $10 Dinner Dollars when you enroll. Earn additional PLATEPOINTS each month.

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Celebrate the chef, savor the perks

Our goal at Dream Dinners is to make your life easier and to celebrate your accomplishments. Enjoy delicious, homemade meals with your family and earn perks and prizes along the way for achieving your dinnertime goals! PLATEPOINTS is your easy rewards program that allows you to savor the perks of the Dream Dinners lifestyle.

PLATEPOINTS are easy to earn

Sign up for next month before or at your session

2x, 3x, 4x Points*

Host a Dream Taste event

500 Points

Refer a friend

250-500 Points

Rate your meals

5 Points

Connect your Facebook account.

50 Points

Apply your Dinner Dollars

Dinner Dollars can be used on additional dinners above our standard order**. You can also use them on items in our Sides & Sweets freezer and Made for You service fees at participating locations. When ordering above our standard order, Dinner Dollars can be applied toward your lowest priced menu item.

*PLATEPOINTS multiplier increases as you reach higher Chef levels. The PLATEPOINTS program is available at participating stores. Dinner Dollars expire 6 months from the date awarded. Dinner Dollars may be redeemed at participating locations with your next standard order. Dinner Dollars may be used toward Made for You service fees, the lowest cost dinner above a standard order*, or items from the Sides & Sweets freezer.

**A standard order is at least 12 Medium dinners, 6 Large dinners or a combination of both.

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