Getting a home-cooked meal on the table can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Watch how we take care of all the shopping, chopping, and clean up, while you assemble a month of meals in just over an hour.

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Order Online

View our monthly menu, select a session time and complete your order.

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Prep Your Meals

We do all the shopping, chopping, assembly and clean up so that you can get a month of meals locally made at one of our locations.

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Step 3

Cook at Home

Thaw 3-5 of your meals each week, cook as directed, and enjoy dinner together.

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Share More Moments

Spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love.

Our customers love us and we love them

"With practice four nights a week, getting healthy meals on the table for my two boys has been a challenge. Thanks to Dream Dinners, this all has changed. Now I know that at least a few nights a week we will be eating nutritious meals. In addition, I am a less stressed mom because I can quickly get dinner going and have time to help with homework before getting everyone where they need to be!! Tonight my 10-year-old asked to join me in making meals so that he could see exactly how it worked and we had so much fun. We are making a new monthly tradition to make the meals together!! "

"Dream Dinners has changed my life! It has eliminated so much stress from worrying about what to make for dinner. I am a busy mom and teacher who doesn't have endless amounts of time to grocery shop, plan, and cook complicated meals. Dream Dinners has provided my family with easy to make, delicious dinners that we all love. Dinner is an important time of day to connect with family, and I'm thankful to have found a solution to the everyday problem of what to make. I can focus that energy on more important things-like my kids!"

"Cooking has never come easy for me. I don't know how to plan meals, I never have the right ingredients, fresh vegetables languished in the fridge and went unused. Dream Dinners is the answer for me and my family. The portions are spot on, I am able to use the nutrition information sheet to count calories easily. The biggest change for me is that I don't feel like a failure in the kitchen anymore. I am excited to make dinner. I went from a zero to a hero in the kitchen. It seriously has made a difference in my feelings about myself as a wife and mom. Thank you Dream Dinners."