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Meet the owner of the North Colorado Springs Dream Dinners Location

We offer real food, made from scratch, so your life can feel a little easier.

Jacki Petersen
Jacki Petersen

Years in business:
17 years.

Favorite Dream Dinners Menu item:
Arroz con Pollo

First thing you ever cooked, ever, even as a child:
Baking – Sandbakkels, got to squish the dough into the little tins.

North Colorado Springs Team
Your North Colorado Springs Team

Carolyn, Jen, Cheryl, Eliana, and Danielle

Job Opportunities

Dream Dinners is an innovative concept in meal preparation that eliminates the stress of dealing with dinner – We remove menu planning, shopping & prep-work from the equation, leaving more quality time for families. We are looking for amazing team members to help us change more lives and bring Homemade, Made Easy meals into the community.

Join our Dream Dinners team. We are always accepting applications. Submit your resume to [email protected].

At Dream Dinners, our mission is to make gathering around the family table a cornerstone of daily life.

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Dream Dinners Foundation